Help, My WordPress Blog Hacked, Password Changed

It’s every webmaster’s or blogger’s nightmare to visit your website to find it has been hacked. A few of my own WordPress blogs were recently hacked. Including this one. On a recent visit after a short absense I immediately discovered the home page was changed along with my username and password used to login the […]

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Google Indexing My Blog Posts in Seconds

A couple of days ago I was adding some new posts to a brand new fashion blog, when I got the shock of my life. I noticed when I put the domain of my new post into Google Search it was getting indexed very very quickly. As I had quite a few new blog posts […]

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Dealing with Horror Clients if You’re a Freelance Web Designer or Writer

I just read an interesting post at CharfishDesign’s blog on Ways you can recognise the client from hell. It covered some warning phrases that any freelancer should be aware of when they hear it coming from a client. These warning phrases include ones like “I don’t care”, “It’s up to you”, “You can do anything […]

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Product Review Sites to be Produced by First Wave Media

Product Reviewer

Product review sites have been popular on the web for many years. If you do a search for product reviews at Google it will return 378 million results. That’s a lot of product reviews online. If you put that same search term in quotations for an exact phrase search you still get 62.5 million results. […]

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Using Correct Fonts on Blogs Makes Difference

I wasn’t happy with the default fonts used by the Cutline WordPress Theme. They were the Times New Roman family of fonts. This style is very popular with printed reading material. However online it seems harder to read. The popular font used online for good readibility is the Arial family of fonts. And that is […]

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