What You Don’t Use You Loose

I love that saying, “What you don’t use you loose”. Well it certainly applies to starting new campaigns on Cost Per View networks. Or in other words what you don’t check on a daily basis you may loose. I expanded my successful CPA campaigns from TrafficVance to also MediaTraffic and AdOnNetwork late last week. All […]

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Does PPV to CPA Work?

For a few months I have been promoting CPA offers using traffic from PPV networks. PPV (Pay Per View) is also called CPV (Cost Per View), contextual and adware traffic. This advertising model is paid for by impression rather than by click. But bids can start as low as 1 cent per impression. The source […]

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Time For a New Traffic Source

Over the last six months I have been hearing about a new source of traffic. I even had a few online marketers mention it to me, but they either swore me to secrecy or wouldn’t reveal exactly what it is. Well when I found out what this super secret traffic source is I was surprised […]

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