Using Correct Fonts on Blogs Makes Difference

I wasn’t happy with the default fonts used by the Cutline WordPress Theme. They were the Times New Roman family of fonts. This style is very popular with printed reading material. However online it seems harder to read. The popular font used online for good readibility is the Arial family of fonts. And that is […]

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New Domains for Niche Blog Sites

Bought six new dot com domains for our new WordPress blogs. They cover a number of different markets for the purpose of our marketing activities. They will be real sites with real posts. There will be offers, products, and advertising on these sites to monetise their traffic. They will also include landing pages for Pay […]

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New Website in Two Minutes

Just like the 2 Minute Noodles my kids like to eat, you can have a website up and running in 2 minutes too. Gone are the days of hard coded html web pages. Now its far easier and quicker to setup blogs for our main sites. I’ve personally been using WordPress with their self hosted […]

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