New Years Party Over For Parked Domains

Advertisers displaying ads on parked domains must still be recovering from their New Year hangovers. EPC’s across my parked domains have dropped a couple of cents as of January 1. Enough to see my net income drop $200-$300 per day. And my spread of parked domain revenue after PPC costs (yes I do arbitrage with […]

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First CPV Network Signed Up

Got signed up recently with TrafficVance CPV advertising network. They get their traffic via their gaming applications available from This is by using adware to display pop under landing pages when users look up domains or search terms on their browser. So what the visitor is looking for will be related to the offer […]

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Time For a New Traffic Source

Over the last six months I have been hearing about a new source of traffic. I even had a few online marketers mention it to me, but they either swore me to secrecy or wouldn’t reveal exactly what it is. Well when I found out what this super secret traffic source is I was surprised […]

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