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Google Search for fast web content indexing

Google is indexing new content in seconds

A couple of days ago I was adding some new posts to a brand new fashion blog, when I got the shock of my life. I noticed when I put the domain of my new post into Google Search it was getting indexed very very quickly. As I had quite a few new blog posts to add to this new site I kept checking how quickly Google was indexing my new posts. So as soon as I published a new post I went straight to Google to see if it was there. every time I checked the new post was indexed. In fact found that within 10 seconds or less my post was being indexed.

The method I use for checking whether my post was being indexed was entering into Google search, site: Note that if you just do an exact search in Google like “”, it will return all webpages or documents that are indexed and contain the domain in the quotations. That search result will include pages indexed on your domain as well as any others and the total pages result displayed won’t just refer to the entered domain name. So just stick with using site: to find out how many pages are indexed.

The next thing I wanted to test was whether these new posts were getting ranked. So it seems it is very easy to get webpages indexed into Google, however it may be another thing to get them ranked. So what I did was take the headline of my new blog post and into that into Google search. To my surprise each post would be ranked against my competition for that headline. Keep in mind my headlines were 5 to 8 words long and would be considered long tail keywords. Nonetheless they were being indexed anywhere from position four two page 10.

Now you may be thinking that my fashion blog may have already had Google Page Rank and lots of back links. Well this may surprise you. I registered that domain just over a year ago, installed WordPress, and just forgot about it. So for 12 months it sat on my hosting account with the standard WordPress post and comment and that’s it. Somehow Google had managed to find it and only the homepage was indexed. It had zero back links when I checked in Yahoo.

So it is truly amazing that a brand new WordPress blog can be indexed and ranked within seconds. This is happening at a time when this week Google have announced that they are providing instantaneous search results. They are saying that as soon as you type new content it will appear in their search index.

A new experiencing the same results? Please let me know by posting a comment below.

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 Posted on : September 10, 2010 - Last updated on May 30, 2013

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