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  • @hughhefner What sort of games? Dare I ask! 😉 😉 in reply to hughhefner #
  • Plenty Of Fish back online. #
  • Plenty Of Fish free dating site is down today. It affects the dating and advertising sections. Waiting for problem to be fixed. #
  • @VictorEWANet I meant I *use* POF, FB and PPV. But maybe I should sue them for exhorbitant ad costs anyway. 😀 in reply to VictorEWANet #
  • @VictorEWANet Do you know which ad networks Christian Mingle (25+) is converting best? I sue POF, FB (although not happy with them) and PPV. in reply to VictorEWANet #
  • @hughhefner Angelina is certainly better than the cocky Tom Cruise. 🙂 Can't wait to see Salt myself. in reply to hughhefner #
  • Learning a lot about how to do it right on Google Adwords, Adsense and the SERPs. Trying to understand their definition of a quality site. #
  • @ewanetwork Pets with PPV. Are you referring to TrafficVance? Or another PPV network? in reply to ewanetwork #
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 Posted on : August 14, 2010 - Last updated on Aug 14, 2010

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