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  • @hughhefner Wow Marilyn would be 84 if she were alive today. Doesn't time fly? in reply to hughhefner #
  • Boy oh Boy! Things are changing online in 2010. If things are going South for you, prepare to change or suffer the consequences. #
  • @EagleWebAssets Even tried Proxify US. Server not found. Yet Nicki can access it from California. in reply to EagleWebAssets #
  • @EagleWebAssets Hi Ryan, I cant access either or from Australia last 2.5hours. in reply to EagleWebAssets #
  • Amazing how several IM gurus are now promoting doing business with offline businesses. Is IM getting that bad (expensive/tricky) in 2010? #
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 Posted on : August 7, 2010 - Last updated on Aug 7, 2010

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