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Product review sites have been popular on the web for many years. If you do a search for product reviews at Google it will return 378 million results. That’s a lot of product reviews online. If you put that same search term in quotations for an exact phrase search you still get 62.5 million results. And that’s just at Google.

People that want to buy a particular product maybe a bit suspicious about manufacturer claims. They are wary of sales hype. Rather they would like to read some real reviews from others that have either tested the product who use it for themselves. They want to know if the product is any good. Is it reliable, does it do what the manufacturer or retail store claims. Is the product good value for money.

That’s where a good product review comes into play. The reviewer gives their assessment on whether the product is good, just OK or bad in their eyes. It helps the reader to decide whether they want to go ahead and buy that product, or look for an alternative model or brand.

I personally use product reviews a lot myself when buying products. Especially expensive products or ones that will take up a fair bit of my time. Reading the opinions of others helps in making that decision. But if I feel those opinions are a bit biased or based on poor information, then I like to read more scientific based product tests. Like those that are done by the Australian Consumers Association at their Choice website.

As I use these type of reviews a lot myself it gave me the idea to also setup websites to review specific products. Things that I have a high degree of interest and passion. Like electronics gadgets such as GPS units, mobile phones, cameras and camcorders.

So the current project I’m working on are product review sites. I’ve just registered a keyword focussed domain at GoDaddy and created a new account on my dedicated server. Installed WordPress, installed a theme and about 20 plugins.

I won’t mention the domain name yet as I still have to upload content. So I don’t want it crawled by the search engines until the basic are ready. You know the usual mandatory pages like contact, privacy policy, disclosure and so forth. And a few pages to help visitor understand how products in that category work, what to look for when buying one, and other useful information. Then the product reviews will start.

I can’t wait to share this with you. So I’ll keep you posted on its development. Stay tuned for more.

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 Posted on : August 20, 2010 - Last updated on May 30, 2013

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