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Dealing with Horror Clients if You’re a Freelance Web Designer or Writer

I just read an interesting post at CharfishDesign’s blog on Ways you can recognise the client from hell. It covered some warning phrases that any freelancer should be aware of when they hear it coming from a client. These warning phrases include ones like “I don’t care”, “It’s up to you”, “You can do anything […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-21

@drfrankryan – By the way, those Border Collies are such intelligent dogs. Hope he is OK. # @drfrankryan – This pic was his last Tweet. As you can clearly see they both were NOT in the car. # @drfrankryan – This pic was taken 20 minutes BEFORE the accident. Check out his […]

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Product Review Sites to be Produced by First Wave Media

Product Reviewer

Product review sites have been popular on the web for many years. If you do a search for product reviews at Google it will return 378 million results. That’s a lot of product reviews online. If you put that same search term in quotations for an exact phrase search you still get 62.5 million results. […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-14

@hughhefner What sort of games? Dare I ask! 😉 😉 in reply to hughhefner # Plenty Of Fish back online. # Plenty Of Fish free dating site is down today. It affects the dating and advertising sections. Waiting for problem to be fixed. # @VictorEWANet I meant I *use* POF, FB and PPV. But maybe […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-07

@hughhefner Wow Marilyn would be 84 if she were alive today. Doesn't time fly? in reply to hughhefner # Boy oh Boy! Things are changing online in 2010. If things are going South for you, prepare to change or suffer the consequences. # @EagleWebAssets Even tried Proxify US. Server not found. Yet Nicki can access […]

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