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  • Went to another instructors Zumba class this morn. Did a couple routines on stage. Great to see it from a students view. We ROCKED IT OUT! #
  • Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. But it always costs. That's the price of testing. #
  • @JohnChow So cool John! Does this Fab 4 sound good too? in reply to JohnChow #
  • @NickiEWANet Nicki can I pls get reply to my Tweet yesterday. I just lost money promoting Cupid UK at POF. You said it converts! Where? in reply to NickiEWANet #
  • @nickycakes Massive jugs for a little Asian girl haha! Her name sounded more like some bad skin infection. in reply to nickycakes #
  • @adhustler Try to beat <5 min support response by ticket with Gigenet. Got a dedicated server there. Very fast. Been happy since Feb 2010. in reply to adhustler #
  • Now need to scale up campaigns at POF. Split testing and pimping! WOOT! #
  • Plenty of Fish is bringing in great returns for my offers. All it took was to use the best images & redo headlines & ad copy. CTR +50-100%! #
  • @EagleWebAssets Bon Apetit! in reply to EagleWebAssets #
  • @NickiEWANet Which age brackets & sex are converting best for each of Cupid UK & CA offers? Traffic source you're referring to? in reply to NickiEWANet #
  • @JohnChow Hmmm fish'n'chips looks tasty…but all that saturated fat! Thnk God I zumba lol 🙂 in reply to JohnChow #
  • @NickiEWANet Which type of targets work for FreeScore 360 on PPV? I tried it on TrafficVance with credit report targets but ctr was too low. in reply to NickiEWANet #
  • @wesmahler Sorry disregard my previous Tweet. I just saw P202.1.6 Beta link. Will test it for new campaigns. Good luck. in reply to wesmahler #
  • @wesmahler How's the upgrade to P202 going? Been 7 days since you said less than a week. Hope all is OK. Thought I missed the notice. in reply to wesmahler #
  • @ImnicaMail Thanx. I got the forum reply. Already joined. Great to see someone replies to tweet replies….many dont. 🙂 in reply to ImnicaMail #
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 Posted on : July 24, 2010 - Last updated on Jul 24, 2010

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