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  • @VictorEWANet I started Senior People Meet on POF for Females Canada. By social networks do you mean FB & POF? Any others? Run 4 males too? in reply to VictorEWANet #
  • @JaredEWANet When you say "$2EPCs on Search" do you mean Google Search? Or PPC Search in general (Yahoo,MSN,etc)? Thanks. in reply to JaredEWANet #
  • @ChadEWANet I have Senior People Meet on POF (CA) for females now. How does it convert for both sexes? Is FB good for this offer too? in reply to ChadEWANet #
  • @abigdreamer I use TV & other PPV networks to send targetted traffic to CPA/CPS offers from various networks. NB 90%+ popups closed quickly. in reply to abigdreamer #
  • One crucial bit of data missing from FB & POF ads reports is ranking of my ads/creatives. Makes bidding pure guesswork and higher test costs #
  • Already started a mature dating offer at Plenty of Fish. Easy to get 1,000s of daily impressions in Canada for low CPM. Some conversions too #
  • Plenty of Fish advertising starting off well. They don't mind Zwinky offers like Create a Cartoon. God bless them! 🙂 #
  • Huge Zumba Class to do Shakira's Waka Waka for 1Goal at LatinoFest, Adelaide Showgrounds this Saturday 3pm #
  • Facebook Ads claim the "infeasibility of verifying the legitimacy of such products during the Ad Review process" #
  • "…..that may affect the user's computer or browser performance in unexpected or undesirable ways." #
  • FaceBook "are unable to accept ads for toolbars, games, or other downloadable products….." #
  • Facebook doesn't like ads for Zwinky toolbars anymore. So Create a Cartoon campaigns are not allowed anymore. 🙁 #
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 Posted on : June 19, 2010 - Last updated on Jun 19, 2010

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