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  • I have the Premier of South Australia (Mike Rann) and the wife (Maria Shriver) of the Governor of California (Arnie) following me. WooHoo! #
  • Trying to find some offers that Facebook Ads WILL approve. They don't like Zinky offers now. Otherwise it's another ad reviewer mistake! #
  • @abigdreamer what would you like to know about TrafficVance? in reply to abigdreamer #
  • Well my goold ol' Adwords account from 2004 is working again. RIP to the other 2. Doing a charity campaign to the Salvos while testing. #
  • When I lift my game on a project I like to make those low revenue days still high. Then I don't have to worry about income on any day. #
  • Some days I love logging into my ClickBank account, other days its quite. Time to lift my game to weather the peaks and troughs. #
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 Posted on : June 12, 2010 - Last updated on Jun 12, 2010

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