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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-26

It looks like Kevin Rudd is about to cry on national TV # Julia Gillard is Australia's new & first female Prime Minister. A sudden leadership challenge overnight. Kevin Rudd is out! #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-19

@VictorEWANet I started Senior People Meet on POF for Females Canada. By social networks do you mean FB & POF? Any others? Run 4 males too? in reply to VictorEWANet # @JaredEWANet When you say "$2EPCs on Search" do you mean Google Search? Or PPC Search in general (Yahoo,MSN,etc)? Thanks. in reply to JaredEWANet # […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-12

I have the Premier of South Australia (Mike Rann) and the wife (Maria Shriver) of the Governor of California (Arnie) following me. WooHoo! # Trying to find some offers that Facebook Ads WILL approve. They don't like Zinky offers now. Otherwise it's another ad reviewer mistake! # @abigdreamer what would you like to know about […]

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