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  • @ChadEWANet BeNaughty in Oz (thats where Im from) – which traffic sources it works on? Are Facebook OK with naughty dating ads? 😉 in reply to ChadEWANet #
  • Looks like the usb has blown on my <1yo desktop PC and Canon printer. Grrr. Wonder how that could happen when they’re off/standby overnight. #
  • @ewanetwork Gamorama- TV & FB very pricey now. With TV how wld you promote this offer? Ive spent $20k with TV & still very small profit. in reply to ewanetwork #
  • @EagleWebAssets BTW FB dating I used males 25+,single Sth Africa. Me thinks breaking down ages to 5 year blocks may get cheaper bids? in reply to EagleWebAssets #
  • @EagleWebAssets Thx Ryan. Starting FB now. What starting bid is best to start for FB Internl? Sth Africa dating no traffic at 20c. How hi? in reply to EagleWebAssets #
  • @ChadEWANet Which verticals? Good ? 🙂 Whatever converts for good ROI. Im testing dating, games, credit reports, fitness/abs. Im open to any in reply to ChadEWANet #
  • @ewanetwork Which traffic sources would you say are the best for conversions & value for ad spend? Google, PPV & FB so expensive now. in reply to ewanetwork #
  • @ChadEWANet Hi, which traffic sources have the best conversions for cheapest bids? Best value for money? in reply to ChadEWANet #
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 Posted on : April 17, 2010 - Last updated on Apr 21, 2010

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