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  • So I let them do these tasks to see how simple they really are. If only they could speak in everyday English. At least I can do them now. #
  • Actually their Support gusy did it for me. They speak in Geek which is hard to understand. Even for an tech savvy guy like me. #
  • I also created a Reverse DNS which I can do with my dedicated server company. In my admin account. Just had to add my NS domain name. #
  • The DNS Zone record is on my server. That's where I had to edit it and add 2 entries for NS1 and NS2 with the respective IP's for each one. #
  • NS is for nameserver. I registered a domain at GoDaddy and created a private nameserver on my domain account there. #
  • Dedicated server running well after last week's DNS issues. My DNS record for my NS domain didn't have A records for NS1 & NS2 in Zone file. #
  • Lets Zumba! #
  • Doing first Zumba class tonight. Private class at friends with 6 or so girls. Set list done! Running sheets done! Zumba memorised done! #
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 Posted on : March 13, 2010 - Last updated on Mar 13, 2010

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