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  • Posh vs Lopez:: 1 is a buxom sex symbol with curves 2 die 4, the other is a waif-thin toothpick w/ collarbones that could take your eye out! #
  • makes note to self: Don't use Skype to call local 1300 numbers. It cost $1.73 to order pizza instead of about 30 cents with landline. #
  • Now I can get my campaigns and sites really cranking. Dedicated servers Rock! #
  • Gigenet support have been great. Setup my server, dns nameservers with two 1/2 hour support calls. Support tickets answered in minutes! #
  • finally got a managed dedicated server last week. Intel Quad Core with 2 x 500GB SATA drives, 4GB memory, 3GB bandwidth…all for myself 🙂 #
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 Posted on : February 27, 2010 - Last updated on Feb 27, 2010

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