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  • @BeachBum21 The Adwerdz site…. so funny LOL in reply to BeachBum21 #
  • Display/banner ads can be far cheaper on a CPM basis compared to CPV (PPV). The CPM for a 1 cent minimum bid at TrafficVance is $10! Wow! #
  • The right price will be determined by the CPM offered versus the eCPA expected from the offer. One media buyer recommends CPM $1 or less. #
  • start Media Buy tests with BuySellAds and BlogAds with affiliate/ CPA offers. Markets will depend on ad space available at the right price! #
  • venturing into Media Buying. An exciting area to get TONS of traffic. Especially after bad treatment from Google last year. #
  • @amish_shah ASW? and why? in reply to amish_shah #
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 Posted on : January 23, 2010 - Last updated on Jan 23, 2010

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