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  • @BeachBum21 So what are the right ClickBank products? 🙂 I will test them again. In the past I found sales often dropped off after 2 weeks in reply to BeachBum21 #
  • In future if I copy a campaign for geo targetting I will build small & slow and start with the top traffic adgroups first. You think so too? #
  • Then Google go & stop traffic today in another Adwords acc. Just because I copied a large campaign for US traffic. WTF is going on? #
  • I'm a qualified Zumba Fitness Instructor now. I love it. My body is changing from a 46yo back to teen/early 20s. It really works & is fun! #
  • Google reactivated an Adwords account they cancelled nearly 3 months ago. Nice surprise. Will test if it really works this week. #
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 Posted on : December 5, 2009 - Last updated on Dec 5, 2009

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