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Here’s a blogpost from Google that everyone in internet based businesses should read.

It’s important to thoroughly check the product, service or company you are promoting.

Here’s some names you might be familiar with that are in Google’s bad books:

Names to be wary of: Google Adwork, Google ATM, Google Biz Kit, Google Cash, Earn Google Cash Kit, Google Fortune, Google Marketing Kit, Google Profits, The Home Business Kit for Google, Google StartUp Kit, and Google Works.
Source: The Official Google Blog

Another interesting article from Google Adwords Support about disabled accounts:

Specifically what Google doesn’t like include:

* Data collection sites that offer free items, etc., in order to collect private information
* Arbitrage sites without relevant and original content that are designed for the purpose of showing ads
* Affiliate sites without relevant and original content that are designed to drive traffic to another site with a different domain
* “Get-rich quick” sites
* Malware sites that install software on a visitor’s computer
* Poor comparison shopping or travel sites whose primary purpose is to send users to other shopping/travel comparison sites, rather than to provide useful content or additional search functionality
Source: Google Adwords Support

In addition to this it is important that all internet marketers promoting their own products or products of others in the United States become familiar with the FTC’s guidelines for advertising.

In short Google and the FTC are making us internet marketers aware of our responsibilities, whether you like it or not, and ensure that any products or services you promote don’t infringe trademarks or copyrights, are not scams, and will not provide your website visitors with a poor or harmful user experience. That means do your due diligence first and check out any company and their products or services before you decide to promote them to others.

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other information to add to this.

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 Posted on : December 10, 2009 - Last updated on Dec 10, 2009

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