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I love that saying, “What you don’t use you loose”. Well it certainly applies to starting new campaigns on Cost Per View networks. Or in other words what you don’t check on a daily basis you may loose.

I expanded my successful CPA campaigns from TrafficVance to also MediaTraffic and AdOnNetwork late last week. All keywords and landing pages were approved and traffic running by Friday. However a busy weekend buying hardware stuff and then entertaining my two young kids meant I had little time to do my daily reports. Then on Monday I spent most of the day in the attic and on the roof moving my TV antennae onto an external mast and relaying coaxial cable.

So it was Tuesday before I checked my stats for my various projects.

What I discovered with two new campaigns I started at both MediaTraffic and AdOnNetwork was they were costing me about $30+ per day with few or nil conversions. When I checked my reports at my CPA network I could see that most of the traffic was coming from a couple of keywords. I usually like to see one conversion in about 500 impressions per target. So those poor performing targets were deactivated immediately.

So the moral of the story is to always check new campaigns daily. Even weekends. Until you are confident that you have weeded out some of the high volume poor targets. And are only getting traffic for good converting targets. Then you can take a day off here and there.

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 Posted on : August 5, 2009 - Last updated on Aug 5, 2009

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