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    ah this is him. I love it. Excellent talent gone. RIP DJ AM. #
  • Rip DJ AM But who the heck is DJ AM? Sorry I'm an Aussie. 🙂 #
  • Shit! That THUNDER scared me! lol #
  • Saw The Ugly Truth the other night. Funny although Katherine Heigl did overact her character. And Gerard Butler looks rugged like an Aussie. #
  • Looking for a WordPress ip cloaking solution to use with PPC campaigns. Testing IP Host blocker, WP Cloaker. Any other cloaking plugins? #
  • @mattharward Thanks for the RT. Paying to join this "CPA" network? LMAO Maybe Mike likes to jump on affiliates…form of perverted leap frog in reply to mattharward #
  • @amish_shah Thanks for the FB pic….that Tracy certainly made a big booboo lol in reply to amish_shah #
  • RT @amish_shah haha…this is a great example of people who don't know technology that use facebook – #
  • Power steering fluid leak again Aaarghh! Just replaced the whole system last year. Mechanic tighetened loose nut (hmm) Hopefully fixed now. #
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 Posted on : August 29, 2009 - Last updated on Aug 29, 2009

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