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  • @amish_shah where is jerz? NJ? Hey not bad for an Aussie. 🙂 Bet you dont know where SA is lol in reply to amish_shah #
  • maybe all 3 of you could get into that outfit hmmmm 🙂 #
  • I would also love to see her wife Porscha in that too….hmmmm 😉 #
  • Friday went quick…time for a hour Zumba cardio workout…..crank up the stereo and Zumba!!! #
  • @mattharward I'm with you. I have a 10 year old daughter and 8 year old son. Great company but when they fight and demand food now!!! 🙂 in reply to mattharward #
  • Firefox latest browser update is so sluggish. Keeps freezing, delayed response. No spyware. Still sluggish. Don't want to go back to IE. #
  • Actually make that 11500 impressions. Only 8 conversions @ $7.50 each so far. Always important to inactivate poor keywords/urls for profit. #
  • Started a new PPV campaign for new car price lead offer on Friday. Already 9000 impressions from 3 networks. Culling bad keywords quickly. #
  • Liesl is home with me today because of a tummyache still from last night. Hope it wasn't my chicken tacos last night! #
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 Posted on : August 22, 2009 - Last updated on Aug 22, 2009

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