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  • @katyperry – Witchery stores are all over Australia in every major shopping centre lol #
  • @katyperry Enjoy Oz. Im in Adelaide. Look forward to your segment on Rove on Sunday. Singing live I hear. Good on ya girl! in reply to katyperry #
  • Sending paid traffic to any offer without tracking is like driving fast at night without headlights. Either way you will crash and burn. #
  • To make money with CPA offers and popup traffic you have to work fast. Get rid off poor converting keywords before they eat your budget. #
  • Enough bookwork for the Tax office for now. Time to ride my bike while there is all this lovely sun. Winter nearly over in Oz. #
  • @PremierMikeRann Are we still fighting the Commonwealth on nuclear dumping in SA? Where is Peter Garrett? Blue Sky Mining heh! 🙂 in reply to PremierMikeRann #
  • GoDaddy coupon code goaz2001ai – $6.99 .Com domains (Register,Renew,Transfer), Worked this morning for me. #
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 Posted on : August 15, 2009 - Last updated on Aug 15, 2009

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