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  • @mattharward Installed and activated Image Ad Builder. When I rebooted it and opended ads template it appears to work fine now. Will test. in reply to mattharward #
  • CPA campaigns starting to work well. As long as I find out which targets (keywords or urls) convert and delete those that don't…..quickly. #
  • @mattharward My email is I also use ur URL & keywoord tools everyday. Great handy tools. in reply to mattharward #
  • @mattharward Hi Matt, Not sure how I DM in Twitter. Anyway I woudl like to be your beta tester. I spend about $500-1000/day on Adwords S&C in reply to mattharward #
  • Building more CPV to CPA campaigns this week. My account manager at Hydra keeps me up to date with top performing offers which I test. #
  • Finishing off monthly revenue & cost reports for domain parking and CPA. Net earnings in domain parking are half the rate since March 09. #
  • Will post my new time lapse videos to YouTube when they are ready. #
  • Still foggy mornings and days here. Doing timpe lapse video from my bedroom window across the foggy valley. Waiting for it to roll away. #
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 Posted on : August 8, 2009 - Last updated on Aug 8, 2009

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