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I wasn’t happy with the default fonts used by the Cutline WordPress Theme. They were the Times New Roman family of fonts. This style is very popular with printed reading material. However online it seems harder to read.

The popular font used online for good readibility is the Arial family of fonts. And that is what I wanted to be used on this blog.

Remedy please? Well it ended up being easy to change. Now the Cutline Theme does not have any easy to use interface to change parameters like text styles as some more recent themes. However I could get access to the css stylesheet to edit the fonts.

I am not a css expert by a long shot. But when you look at any stylesheet it is easy to find and change any parameter in WordPress’ Appearance, Editor. By the way I’m using WordPress version 2.8 at the time of writing.

So first step was to find any font attributes in the stylesheet. Thats easy with my FireFox browser. I just hit Ctrl+F and enter “font”.

What I found as the default font family was:

font: 62.5% Georgia, “Times New Roman”, Times, serif;

Each time I found this text I replaced it with:

font: 62.5% Arial, Helvetica, Geneva;

Notice that I kept the 62.5% resizing attribute as I found it. I also got to sort out the double spacing between lines.

Now my blog is far easier to read. Don’t you think?

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 Posted on : July 15, 2009 - Last updated on Jul 15, 2009

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