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  • @Amanda_Holden LMAO Classic! in reply to Amanda_Holden #
  • @JohnChow I was wondering where you live. I thought it was the USA. Sorry. :O Enjoy the fireworks. What a great possie (Aussie for position) in reply to JohnChow #
  • Hydra gave me a list of their top performing CPA/affiliate offers. I will test them with Pay Per View to see initial results. Then PPC. #
  • Now that's a Watch! RT @Schwarzenegger Here’s a video I just shot for my twitter followers. #
  • @amish_shah @GuyKawasaki – looks like spam, smells like spam, tastes like spam… must be _ _ _ _ in reply to amish_shah #
  • Use good tools. They make life much much easier. #
  • Had to spend nearly $50 for two tools to strip coaxial cable and crimp F connectors. Using RG6 Quad coax for better digital TV signals. #
  • Spent most of the day installing and testing an 8 way amplifier/distributor for my TV antenna. Ready for TV points in my home office #
  • @katyperry better out than in! lol in reply to katyperry #
    Finally got to see Harry Potter. My review. #
  • @aplusk – Only got one word for it. Photoshop. Or was that Paint Shop Pro? #
  • @JohnChow Only in America! Dealer offers FREE AK-47 with each new truck purchase. Buy now! #
  • Why are the most attractive girls on dating sites always the ones in the advertising banners? #
  • I guess we will have to wait to see the final conflict in the next Harry Potter movie or two. Will good finally triumph over evil? #
  • Saw Harry Potter Half Blood Prince today with kids, We all enjoyed it. Amazing scenes. Love the settings. But the ending had no climax. #
  • RT @lilyroseallen old macdonald had tourettes e-i e-i cunt #
  • @lilyroseallen PMSL LMAO LOL ROFL!!!! in reply to lilyroseallen #
  • @sirdickbranson Tsk tsk lol in reply to sirdickbranson #
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 Posted on : July 25, 2009 - Last updated on Jul 25, 2009

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