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I realised some time ago that it is important to expand my traffic sources outside of PPC and SEO means. And with PPC I’m referring to mainly Google Adwords.

PPC gets me reasonably good traffic quickly. But there are extra issues like landing pages, domains, affiliate links and content to sort out. Then there is the cost of bidding on keywords. This really slows me down and gives me extra headaches.

CPV or PPV networks can get you fairly cheap but real traffic too. Well I know its real because a small percentage actually take up the offer. Whether its a sale or lead offer. So they must be real people I’m paying for.

I have been using TrafficVance daily for nearly a year. And revisited my dormant accounts at MediaTraffic and AdOnNetwork.

One successful campaign I’ve been running on TrafficVance to a trial CPA offer in finance, is being duplicated on MediaTraffic and AdOnNetwork. A new promising campaign on TrafficVance will also be copied to the others.

Thenits down to monitoring conversions by keyword, managing bids for maximum traffic at the cheapest price, and checking that the CPA offers are still live. Life is always eventful with paid traffic and CPA and affiliate offers.

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 Posted on : July 29, 2009 - Last updated on Jul 29, 2009

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