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Bought six new dot com domains for our new WordPress blogs. They cover a number of different markets for the purpose of our marketing activities. They will be real sites with real posts. There will be offers, products, and advertising on these sites to monetise their traffic. They will also include landing pages for Pay Per Click traffic. Or even landing pages if required by some merchants in the CPA and affiliate marketing networks.

The domains cover some broad markets inclucing money/finance, fashion, education, food and property. This is in addition to similar purpose sites or blogs we have for travel, health, dating and entertainment.

Having fun setting them up. Importing WordPress themes, redesigning them, setting up the category structure, and so on. Some very nice and very practical and easy to use themes are available now. And the best thing is that they are all free. I just need to provide a good web host and WordPress does the rest.

Future sites that we need for promotions will cover markets like electronics (cameras, video, GPS etc).

To make our new domains SEO friendly as possible I decided that they are dot coms, not previuosly banned by Google or Yahoo. I also checked the webarchives to see if they had any prior history. If they did, a real website got a pass. But if the domain had been used for a spammy looking site I avoided it. Just in case.

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 Posted on : July 14, 2009 - Last updated on Jul 15, 2009

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