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After a mid-month glitch with my main domain parking provider when they lost their ad feed (sourced from Yahoo!) for about 5 days, earnings per click (EPC) has recovered. Since late January and into February the EPC for ad clicks on my main domain parking account increased from 11-12 cents US per day to around 13-14 cents. I even got an average EPC of 17 cents a few days ago.

I must admit I would love to see my EPC increase to averages above 20 cents like it was a year or so ago. Ah! The good ol’ days of domain parking.

Anyway the volume going through my main account is around 6 to 10,000 ad clicks per day. So my figures are based on a reasonable volume fo traffic.

So despite the continual doom and gloom in the media about global recession, it’s good to see some industries like domain parking and online marketing still doing OK.

Well, actually fantastic when you consider the daily almost-passive income this method of arbitrage earns my company.

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 Posted on : February 4, 2009 - Last updated on Feb 4, 2009

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