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For a few months I have been promoting CPA offers using traffic from PPV networks. PPV (Pay Per View) is also called CPV (Cost Per View), contextual and adware traffic. This advertising model is paid for by impression rather than by click. But bids can start as low as 1 cent per impression.

The source of PPV traffic so far for my tests has been from legitimate adware. TrafficVance sources its traffic from its GameVance gaming software made available by registering on their website. Users must opt-in in order to play games, win prizes and interact with other GameVance users. When they opt-in they also agree that pop-under advertisements will appear below their browser when they surf or search on the web. Apparently popunders will only appear if there is an advertiser bidding on the keyword or url that the user is on. These keywords and url’s are called Targets at TrafficVance. When the user uninstalls the GameVance software the pop-unders will stop appearing.

I have been sending targetted traffic to CPA offers from two CPA networks so far. I received written approval to use contextual and adware traffic from these CPA networks after explaining that I only use legitimate sources. Well I hope they are legitimate. Noone likes paying for phantom impressions.

Using a tracking/rotating php script I sent traffic to 1 to 4 related offers. So bids on auto insurance targets would be sent to 1 to 4 auto insurance offers.

Even with 1 cent bids some offers just do not convert for certain targets. And some will convert like crazy. So using keyword level tracking software from the start is very important. The two I’m using now are PayPerView Dominator and Affiliate Prophet. PPVD is good for rotating scripts and tracking keywords, but unfortunately their reports are not date based. You get all results since the campaign started. Affiliate Prophet has more features. Reports can be viewed by date range plus it uses AIDA tracking to quickly ascertain on low traffic volume the keywords likely to convert.

Anyway I have promoted a few campaigns that have made good profits. I have one that has a revenue to cost spread of 3.4x so far his month. Another one is breakeven. And another is paused while I work out better url targets to bid on.

I had a few dating campaigns targetted to segments for Asian, Gay and Lesbian dating. Unfortunately the dating sites usually gave generic landing pages instead of targetted ones, so conversions were very low. But when I find properly targetted landing pages for dating niches then I will resume these campaigns.

So more campaigns will be added to find more profitable offers. It’s getting the right combination of targetted traffic to offer that’s most improtant in this game.

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 Posted on : February 11, 2009 - Last updated on Feb 11, 2009

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