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Advertisers displaying ads on parked domains must still be recovering from their New Year hangovers.

EPC’s across my parked domains have dropped a couple of cents as of January 1. Enough to see my net income drop $200-$300 per day. And my spread of parked domain revenue after PPC costs (yes I do arbitrage with parked domains), has dropped from 1.63 in December to around 1.3 so far in 2009.

Should I panic? Nar, no time for that!

I expect it would be a aftermath of the silly season. When many people take annual holidays for Winter up north and Summer down south. Credit cards are all spent up. There’s the usual news about the financial crisis and credit crunch. And maybe some advertisers aren’t getting the usual conversions for sales or leads.

Whatever the reason, it appears to me that many advertisers either pause their campaigns or drop their bids. If the spending frenzy of Christmas slows down. Dropping bids that may have built up to high levels would make sense.

Anyway, I’m not too worried. As usually business picks up from mid January onwards.

The funny thing volume is up though. I’m getting record levels of traffic for my pre Christmas PPC bids. It’s just not getting good payouts from the other end of the food chain.

Remedy: I went through all my campaigns starting in order of daily revenue earnt. I checked the Google campaigns for any high volume adgroupds/keywords that were driving traffic to dead ends. Some of the parked pages at Epi weren’t displaying any ads for certain keywords. Obviously Yahoo must be a bit short on ads for some (or many) keywords. So those adgroups were deleted. And in many cases all adgroups in a campaigns had their bids dropped a few cents to post New Year levels.

But I’ll keep my eye out for opportunities to increase them again when EPC’s pick up. Hopefully soon. 🙂

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 Posted on : January 8, 2009 - Last updated on Jan 8, 2009

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