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A few days ago I posted that EPC’s for parked domains took a bit of a battering in the new year. The remedy was to lower bids for campaigns where domains had a poor spread.

Well I did that. I also deleted any adgroups/keywords that may have got me a lot of traffic but no clicks because it was off topic or Yahoo couldn’t display any ads for that keyword. After all no point paying to send people to a website that is off topic or has no ads to click on. I also made sure that links using keywords with high traffic appeared on the parked domain page.

The result is a nice increase in my spread of revenue to PPC spend. Prior to these campaign and website changes my spread was around 1.3. Now it increased to 1.5-1.6 over the last few days.

So well worth the effort considering the result and the speed these changes take effect. And it may even get better if EPC’s increase again from late January onwards as expected (well at least by me).

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 Posted on : January 14, 2009 - Last updated on Jan 14, 2009

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