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In the broadband age websites are expected to load quickly into your browser. We don’t want the internet to be still called the “World Wide Wait” anymore like we did 5 or 10 years ago when we had just slow dialup connections.

Now with broadband, ADSL, and even ADSL 2+ connections we can enjoy picture and video rich web sites. But that won’t happen if the web site is hosted on a basic shared hosting account. And that was what this site was hosted on. So I decided to make my sites load quicker it was time to change hosting accounts.

I had my sites hosted for about three years with a budget reseller plan from Reseller Zoom. I’ve been very happy with their hosting plan, the features in my WHM and CPanel, and their fast and helpful support. But as I’m mainly running WordPress blogs on my sites that load up pages on the fly from a MySQL database, its important that things are running fast on the server.

So I got in contact with my helpful supportr guys at Reseller Zoom and they recommended I should upgrade to one of their Advanced Reseller plans. After all I was very happy with this hosting company so I didn’t want to leave them. And I didn’t want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire by having to find and trial anoher web host. Like they used to say in the old Mortein fly spray ad, “If you’re on a good thing stick to it.”

The upgrade to the new hosting account meant all my sites had to be transferred to a new server. Reseller Zoom did this for me. It took about a day. Also the nameservers had to be changed so I did that at my domain register, GoDaddy. However I had about three domains at an Australian domain registrar, Crazy Domains, but the nameserver changes didn’t go smoothly with them. In fact my sites were offline for a few days while I tried to deal with this registrar’s very slow support team. As their system said my new nameservers were invalid. Crap!

A spelling error on their part didn’t help either, along with no support over the weekend. In the end the only way I could get support was to call them. Emails went unanswered for days. This is not a good situation. So if you register any Australian domains with Crazy Domains and need support, call them.

I’m actually surprised that several advertising and CPA networks are hopeless with email support. It seems these guys just don’t bother checking their emails daily. So a phone call is always effective.

Have you had similar issues trying to get support?

Anyway we are back online now on a new faster server. So expect to see more useful online marketing information here soon.

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 Posted on : August 30, 2008 - Last updated on Aug 30, 2008

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