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Got signed up recently with TrafficVance CPV advertising network. They get their traffic via their gaming applications available from This is by using adware to display pop under landing pages when users look up domains or search terms on their browser. So what the visitor is looking for will be related to the offer being promoted.

Advertisers bid on “targets” which are keywords and domain names. So for a dating offer you could bid on “dating sites” and “”.

TrafficVance state in their faq’s that their software is adware and not spyware. They say “We do not collect or monitor any of our user’s personal data through our software.” If the gamer uninstalls the software it also deletes the adware, making it 100% opt in and opt out.

So far it sounds like a good traffic source to earn revenue from CPA, PPC, and CPS offers. Well thats good for my business strategy anyway. Of course, you could also promote your own products or services either for sales and profit, or just traffic. The latter is ideal if your building a website to sell.

Have you tried TrafficVance yet? Or any other CPV networks? Let me know about your experiences.

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 Posted on : August 14, 2008 - Last updated on Aug 14, 2008

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