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Over the last six months I have been hearing about a new source of traffic. I even had a few online marketers mention it to me, but they either swore me to secrecy or wouldn’t reveal exactly what it is.

Well when I found out what this super secret traffic source is I was surprised why they were going to great lengths to keep things hush hush (know what I mean?). After all many advertisers were using this medium and thousands, if not millions, of internet users were being exposed to the adevrtiser’s messages and spiels.

So what is this highly secretive (to some) source of traffic? It is Cost Per View (CPV) which is sometimes called Pay Per View (PPV). Basically advertisers pay per view or impression to display their ads instead of pay per click (PPC). Ads are shown to potential customers online after they install software like games that include 100% optin adware according to some of the CPV networks I’ve seen so far. Or via contextual links. I’m still learning about this and say more about it later next week once I have applied to some PPV networks and spoken to their account mangers. Yes, I will just a few questions about this.

However a far better feature is that landing page quality issues are not of a concern like it is when you advertise with the big PPC players like Google Adwords. So you can send visitors straight to a merchant’s landing page for CPA or affiliate marketing. Or an arbitrage page setup with PPC ads. Or to a simple lander designed specifically for high conversions.

Ah! Sounds to me like marketing in the good ol’ days online pre 2005.

Hey I’m not suggesting that anyone use devious tactics with their PPV ads, like bait and switching. But that you can get people to their desired solution a lot quicker than confusing and loosing them with a landing page full of navigational links and too much content. like the websites Google requires us to build to participate in Adwords.

Anyway my hitlist of CPV networks to apply to this week are:






I’ll keep you posted how easy they are to apply to for advertising. And let me know if you can suggest any good CPV networks by using the comment box below.

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 Posted on : July 20, 2008 - Last updated on Jul 20, 2008

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