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A couple of months ago I received an offer to buy a domain I owned for a five figure sum. However out of all the domains I own this potential buyer wanted my main corporate domain,

This domain which I started in May 1997, was used for my email contact for a number of advertising and publishing networks, and subscriptions for numerous mailing lists. So it would be a simple but time consuming task to change email details.

The old website also used for two businesses. One was for Biz Letters software and the other was the Australian dealer for Music2Hues royalty free production music sets. But over the last year they were basically discontinued. But as this site still had some Google Page Rank I also used it for landing pages for PPC campaigns.

Now that domain has been sold (they finally gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse), and I found a new domain for teh corporate home for First Wave Media.

I’ll have some insider marketing and traffic acquiring strategies and techniques to discuss. And would welcome any feedback and comments from you guys, the readers.

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 Posted on : July 17, 2008 - Last updated on Jul 18, 2008

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