Monthly Archives July 2008

Time For a New Traffic Source

Over the last six months I have been hearing about a new source of traffic. I even had a few online marketers mention it to me, but they either swore me to secrecy or wouldn’t reveal exactly what it is. Well when I found out what this super secret traffic source is I was surprised […]

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New Website in Two Minutes

Just like the 2 Minute Noodles my kids like to eat, you can have a website up and running in 2 minutes too. Gone are the days of hard coded html web pages. Now its far easier and quicker to setup blogs for our main sites. I’ve personally been using WordPress with their self hosted […]

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First Wave Media Sells Domain

A couple of months ago I received an offer to buy a domain I owned for a five figure sum. However out of all the domains I own this potential buyer wanted my main corporate domain, This domain which I started in May 1997, was used for my email contact for a number of […]

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